3 "S's" to
Financial Fitness:

1) Survival --- 2) Stability --- 3) Success


MORE (16 Steps to Financial Success):

     1)- Get a Big DREAM - Know Your WHY   9)- Find a MENTOR & Mastermind Group
    2)- Get Passionate About MARKETING   10)- Surround Yourself with Good BOOKS
    3)- Have a PROSPERITY Mindset          11)- Establish Good INSURANCE Plans
    4)- BELIEVE in Yourself                       12)- Eliminate Your DEBTS Wisely
    5)- Prioritize Your Financial GOALS        13)- Always Pay YOURSELF First
    6)- Set a PLAN to Achieve Them          14)- Start Your Own Small BUSINESS
    7)- Start an EMERGENCY Fund             15)- Get a PBS (Private Banking System)*
    8)- Develop a Sensible BUDGET            16)- Adjust, but STICK With, your PLAN

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Please do not underestimate the power and impact of your financial decisions. Few choices that you make in life will affect your success - or your failure - as much as the decisions you make about your finances. If you fail to manage your financial life wisely, many other areas of life - including your marriage, your other relationships and your overall happiness - will suffer. There is no other area of your life, other than your family and your relationship with your Maker, which is more vital to your overall success and happiness.

* PBS (Private Banking System) - See more about owning your OWN bank => Click Here

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